Friday, April 27, 2007

Alfa Bertone GT vs. Audi 100

Catch that Audi! And try not to spin next time...

Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 great sound

Yes, it revs when prodded... but does it bite?

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT Racing OnBoard

I find going under larger-than life Dunlop tyres strangely fascinating. It's getting harder to justify using scarce resources like this but they are small cars... and it's sport, isn't it?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I drove the Alfa... again

Yes folks, it had a run... 80kms. Not bad. It's running a little rich - but it does run, and well. Pulls like a train to 6200 rpm and will potter about happily in 4th or 5th. Not bad at all for an 80's sports car. And it will carry a racing bike in the boot. What else could you want? BTW, here's a pic of the car with a bike - a broken bike. Can you pick which lightweight aluminium bit broke?