Friday, January 22, 2010

Link to Auto Express Alfa Giulietta pics

Alfa Giulietta spied | Auto Express News | News | Auto Express
Here's proof that Alfa's new Giulietta is inching ever closer to the showroom. Eagle-eyed Auto Express reader Paul Davies spied this prototype testing in Livigno, northern Italy recently.

Due to make its worldwide debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, the Giulietta five-door hatch replaces the 147, and underneath the plastic disguise of this mule is a stylish look inspired by the firm’s 8C Competizione supercar and MiTo supermini.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

evo mag remembers the Alfasud

I'm not sure I totally agree, but here in Oz rust wasn't such a problem, so it's a different perspective. Yes, they rusted, all cars did back then, but Alfas had "a reputation", deserved or not. OTOH not one of my Alfas has had serious rust. The Giulietta, none at all. The 33ti, none again. The GTV, some rust where the rear mounted battery spilled acid.. and some surface rust on the boot, almost 30 years after manufacture... in fact a Hyundai Excel we had for a few years - an excellent car, BTW - rusted more than all 3 Alfas put together. But that's my Aussie experience only...

More pertinent may be the oil that could easily get on the (inboard) front rotors, not mentioned in the article.

1972: Alfa Romeo Alfasud | Car Feature | evo
When did Alfa Romeo last build a really great car, something that set standards and shamed the competition? It may have given us some inspired vehicles over the last few decades – and plenty of sheds too if truth be told – but none has been so effortlessly superior in its class as the Alfasud.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

NZ Mito article

Not entirely sure why "DNA" is pretentious - it's used everywhere these days, almost always out of context. But it's a positive review overall.

Alfa Romeo: Zippy Mito with pedigree - Motoring - NZ Herald News
Alfa Romeo has designed this car to ooze style; to recall the brand's design and racing heritage; to deliver a premium performance persona in a pocket-sized package.