Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce 2017 review

It's a review by "CarsGuide". Well, at least it's an 8/10 review.

But seriously, when are these lazy, myopic motoring journos going to let go of the old "rust and unreliability" mantra? It's always upfront in these reviews, even though I've personally had no problems with rust, apart from a leaking battery in the boot of an '82 GTV. OK, maybe it's more common than I've experienced but it does seem a bit prejudiced.

As it is my 1981 Giulietta snapped the throttle linkage, but all of those plastic throttle bits from that era break. It's a known issue. I club raced it and wore out some tyres and an exhaust baffle. Chewed up spark plugs but no rust or thrown drivetrain donuts.

My 1982 GTV had a raft of problems in the early1990s, but it had sat for a while and the seals shrank. After that it was my daily driver. The clutch and then the brake master cylinder went, and some oil leaks appeared. All fixed at that time. Another 10 years later and the clutch cylinder went again. Surface rust only, but no respray yet.

And the dampers leaked on my 1985 33 (replaced under warranty). Otherwise perfect.

Seriously I had more rust in my Toyota Corolla.