Monday, October 16, 2006

Brera vs GT... why?

Have you ever wondered exactly where Alfa is heading these days? Other than up market? We have a top-end: the luxo GT, 166 and Brera, but the bottom is wearing thin. Does the 147 still cut it? The GTA probably does, but the base 147 is neither here nor there. It's more a Type 33 than an Alfasud in a market relentlessly moving up.

Look at the Brera - clearly a GTV - and then look at the sedan-like GT. Hmmm. Trying to be all things to all people, at least at these higher altitudes, and losing the overall target? I'd imagine the the Brera is for the sports crowd (you and me, natch) and the GT is for those anxious Alfisti who don't wish to look too sporty. (It's worth checking out for their comparo between these 2 Alfas.) Personally - since you asked - the GT is a bit, ummm, dull to look at for my taste; and the Brera that has arrived here is Oz is sadly watered down from the original show car. And both are a bit too pricey. (Or is that just me? I find it hard to justify that level of investment in a car.) I'll wait for a real GTV to come along, thanks - not quite practical but close enough, a sporty GT, low-slung with great style and enough ooomph to get by - at a price that's attractive. Sadly that's not likely to be an Alfa, unless the forthcoming "MINI-killer" has a Sprint derivative?

Now a true 147 Sprint - a pretty coupe with the 4 cylinder tweaked for an edge - that I could buy.

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