Monday, December 14, 2009

Politics of location. Why the Milano became the Giuletta Mk III?

I hope this isn't the reason, but it sure makes sense. With the famous 'Alfa Romeo Milano' now no more than words, the revised badgework becomes necessary. From a business angle moving to Torino makes a lot of sense. But my heart is with Milano I'm afraid.

New Alfa small car mystery | Car News | Hot Hatchbacks | evo
We’re led to believe the reasoning behind it all lies in Alfa Romeo’s decision to relocate fully from Milan (or, indeed, Milano) to Turin, turning its back on 99 years of Milanese heritage. Since Fiat’s acquisition of Alfa in 1986, the company has gradually been moved away from its home, with car production stopped in 2000 and the last group of employees – designers and engineers, mainly – being shifted early next year.

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