Friday, February 26, 2010

3rd time 'round for the Giulietta

I owned the wedge-shaped 2nd or 'nuova' Giulietta back in the early '80s, so I am pleased to see a "mark III" use of the name. And the car - the 147 replacement - looks pretty good to my tired old eyes. I won't be able to afford one unless I sell my kids into slavery but there you go. If you have taste and style and want a cool car, here it is. At least until the GTA is launched.

Wraps come off Giulietta | Auto Express News | News | Auto Express
Say ciao to Alfa Romeo’s rival for the Volkswagen Golf! This is the first official image of the family star, which was at the centre of a last-minute name change.

Due to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March, it had been thought the car would be called Milano. However, just moments before the official name was confirmed to us, Alfa bosses decided to change it...

The new name is Giulietta – a last minute alteration that was made following the firm's decision to scale back its businesses presence in Milan. The five-door hatch replaces the 147, and it sports a stylish look inspired by the firm’s 8C Competizione supercar and MiTo supermini.

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