Thursday, July 15, 2010

Speculation on a coming Giulietta Sprint coupe. As ever. And a TZ3 'Corsa' drive

Rumormill: Alfa Romeo planning Giulietta Sprint coupe? — Autoblog
If you're thinking a two-door Giulietta would step on its baby brother's toes, you're not far off. The Mito was envisioned as part of a two-pronged approach to replacing the old 147. But with the Alfa GT in need of replacement, a Giulietta Sprint could help Alfa capitalize on the new platform which is also set to underpin a new crossover as well.
Alfa Romeo Zagato TZ3 | Auto Express | Reviews | First Drives
It’s parked in the Supercar Paddock, and we fire the V8. It starts with an angry rasp, and the six-speed sequential racing box adds to the intimidating feel. You think you’re doing some damage each time you select first, second or reverse gears, such is the force required to engage the ratios.

As we approach the start line for the Goodwood hillclimb, we notice smoke rising from below us. “That’s the paint getting heated by the exhausts running through both door sills,” says a matter-of-fact Karr.

In fact, the sills are red-hot, and getting in and out without burning your thighs is an acrobatic exercise! Adding to the extreme feel is the vibration of the extra-light Plexiglas windows, while the hammer-formed aluminium body panels barely insulate the noise.

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