Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Alfa Romeo bursts into flames in St Ives |

Could happen to any liquid-fueled car. My guess would be a a fuel line came adrift or leaked really badly, causing the car to stall and spraying fuel over something hot... now supposedly the drop in fuel pressure should cause the system to shut down before a full-scale fire erupts but maybe it kept going just long enough to get the fire started. Or it was a badly located fuel line, perhaps relocated due to some mods (that's a guess). And maybe, just maybe, jamming a V6 inside a 147 is just asking for trouble (that's a comment born out of jealousy). Still, it's rare to see, thankfully.

And yes, I carry a fire extinguisher in my 116 GTV.   

Alfa Romeo bursts into flames in St Ives |

“I thought it was funny as there was no reason for it to stall, I
tried to start it again but nothing happened,” Mr Grauaug said.

Mr Grauaug said he started to smell something and almost simultaneously
noticed that a passer-by was indicating that his car was on fire.

“So I got out of the car and literally bolted,” he said.

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