Thursday, November 02, 2006

Drove the GTV - again!

It's getting warmer outside and the GTV needed a run. So, the usual pre-flight check. Wheels, tyres: no wobble from the bearings (push/pull at top of wheel), air in tyres adequate (about 30psi). Underneath: exhaust still attached, no drips from anywhere. Under bonnet: No leaks, no wires dangling, reservoirs full or nearly so. Engine: oil OK, need to change it soon (and brake and hydraulic fluid, too).

I charged the battery the day before, so it started after a couple of turns. No choke to start but a little to help it idle as I closed the garage door. Eased it out down the driveway and revved it to 3,000 as we hit the road. All went well, no wobbles, clunks or odd noises. It hit operating temperature after about 10mins and the oil thinned out after about 20mins of steady driving. Revved it out to 5,000 a few times, nothing more and brought it back home. No problems, although it still runs a bit rich. I'll deal with that soon.

Now this is motoring. It does the job, does it without wasteful excess - and with some passion to boot.

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