Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Stop whinging, start driving

Well I try to stop whinging about carbon emissions but it does stare me in the face. Every time I start the 116 GTV I can smell the hydrocarbons... it's a sorry reminder of what all of these cars are doing to our planet. Even if you disbelieve that "we" are the cause, climate change is real and anything that we can do to slow it down will help. If you lived on a Pacific atoll (and I don't, but I'm on the coast) you'd get pretty passionate about it!

Anyway, on the plus side I don't drive much. I work from home most of the time (OK, so it's mostly coal-fired power stations that are powering my computers, but I do have some big trees in the backyard that have soaked up some carbon!) and try to keep my environmental footprint "small". So I can drive the damned Alfa occasionally.

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