Thursday, April 15, 2010

Not flawed but impressive and competent - which apparently is a flaw. Huh?

evo continues to write schizoid rubbish... the new Giulietta is impressive and competent, apparently, but lacks the flaws and "characterful" driving experience of the past Alfa generation. I think they mean the 147GTA as they haven't - in my memory - mentioned this characterful driving experience with regard to other recent Alfas. Damned with faint praise is the usual tone of evo reviews. Oh well, can't please everyone I guess.  

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Multiair review | evo
But - and it’s a big but for an Alfa Romeo - the sparkle’s missing. Previous generation Alfas have been flawed but undeniably characterful to drive. The Giulietta turns the brand’s personality on its head, dishing up a very impressive and competent driving experience that doesn’t really have you gagging to go back.

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