Thursday, April 15, 2010

evo reviews series 3 Giulietta Quadrofoglio Verde

I think it's a fair review overall but I'm not sure what "too tied down and inert" really mean. It's tied down, ie not loose I guess, and has lots of inertia? I gather that means it's not taily and more GT than hot hatch? And that's "a shame for an Alfa Romeo"? As a long-time Alfetta GTV driver that non-taily, understeery inertia is actually what I think of as "well balanced". I know the 105s were more taily, especially in the wet, but that was waaaay back in the 70s... just what do evo mag expect a 2010 Alfa to be? (Taily, obviously.)

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Cloverleaf review | evo
Switch to Dynamic and it's a much better Giulietta. The throttle sharpens so you can enjoy the hefty low-end torque better and hear that deep, crisp engine note. The steering weight rises but in a natural way, not by artificially increasing resistance. And the brakes change from spongy to quite sharp, thanks to 'pre-fill'. Dynamic also loosens the tail a little before VDC intervenes, but this is still not a car to be pointed keenly into a bend on a trailing throttle and caught with a dab of power. It's too tied-down and inert for that, which is a shame for an Alfa Romeo.

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