Friday, May 27, 2011

It's old, it's small, it's stylish. It's named after a French-Canadian city. It's an Alfa, of course.

Just doing a Montreal-watch I guess. Good condition. Tick. Owned previously by a rock-star's wife. Tick (hmmm, is that a good thing?). Small capacity, stylish and it works. More ticks. It's also unusual in overall concept. So all ticks, really. Of course you'll spend big bucks on it, but that's part of the price of entry.

PistonHeads Headlines - You Know You Want To... Alfa Romeo Montreal
This particular Montreal has the added draw of having once been owned by Yasmin LeBon (to all PHers who are under 35, she's a stunning former model who married Duran Duran frontman Simon LeBon. If you don't know who Duran Duran were, you're not missing much...). Described by its current owner as being 'in condition one, but not concours' this car appears to be completely original, having had no major work done to it, just the correct maintenance.

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