Friday, May 27, 2011

A classy European seen testing on US soil (OK, it's an Alfa Giulietta)

With the price of gas rising inexorably at the pumps the US market's taste for smaller, more efficient cars is growing. About time, I know. Just think about the billions of barrels effectively wasted all over the world by the motor industry's twin obsessions - OTT performance and "model evolution". Where model evolution means a small car becomes a much larger one over time, accruing extra weight via driver-distracting "features" and pork-focused "ease of use". Whilst European cars fall prey to up-sizing as well they are generally more effective packagers. Alfa is certainly one of the best at combining good performance with economy and practicality and dressing it up with some Italian style, so their re-appearance in the US makes sense.

Spied! Alfa Romeo Giulietta Testing on Michigan Streets - WOT on Motor Trend
Having just caught the Fiat Doblo testing in its backyard last week, our friends at Automobile recently spotted the Alfa Romeo Giulietta driving on U.S. soil – wearing manufacturer plates no less. Although parent company Fiat can’t seem to make up its mind about Alfa’s American comeback, this photo seems to substantiate the Italian automaker’s claim that the brand will return to the U.S. market by 2013.

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