Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Alfa parts = note to self, but could be useful to someone else!

Older yet still young Alfas are just starting to get a bit, umm, more challenging to service and repair. Fewer cars on the road, fewer wrecks in the wreckers...

My GTV has Campagnolo wheels... but how about some Momo replicas, if you fancy a classic wheel?

Alfetta GTV/6
The Highwood Motor Company has commissioned a replica of the superb 1970s classic Momo Vega alloy wheel.

Manufactured to the highest standards in the UK by Compomotive, one of the world’s leading wheel manufacturers, they are available in size 14” x 6” and are intended for 105-Series GTVs, Spiders and saloons and 116-Series Alfetta GTVs and saloons.

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